SPINN Espresso & Coffee Machine, Smart WiFi Automatic Coffee Maker, Cold Brew & Espresso Machine Combo with Programmable Centrifugal Brewing & Grinder, Water Supply Line Compatible, No Refills, Silver


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Product Description

Spinn Coffee Maker KitchenSpinn Coffee Maker Kitchen

Spinn WiFi Smart Coffee Maker

The All-in-One Connected Coffee and Espresso Maker. Espresso, Coffee, Cold Brew made fresh with whole bean coffee in 60 seconds.

Spinn Coffee MakerSpinn Coffee Maker

Spinn LogoSpinn Logo Spinn

Spinn grew from a passion to create a modern coffee experience that allows you to make all drinks from one machine using fresh whole bean coffee and no waste. After 6 years of testing and development, Spinn is here and ready to change the way you drink coffee at home.

Spinn – The All-in-One Smart Coffee Maker with compatible water supply line – no need to refill.

Simply Revolutionary

Spinn is the all-in-one connected home coffee maker that utilizes centrifugal brewing to make every coffee drink available at your favorite cafe. Spinn Pro has a built-in water line and grinder that grinds whole bean coffee and brews a fresh cup of coffee on demand from your connected app. Explore the world of coffee by browsing and ordering coffee from the Spinn Marketplace. Spinn brings the future of coffee to your kitchen.

Great Coffee Taste – Freshly ground coffee made to perfection with built in recipes Total Convenience – Make your coffee from bed with a connected app Brew Versatility – From espresso, coffee and cold brew to cappuccino, latte and more Zero Waste – Spinn uses only whole bean coffee that can be composted in your garden

Spinn Technology and Features

Whole bean coffeeWhole bean coffee

Conical grinder burrsConical grinder burrs

Centrifuge Coffee BrewerCentrifuge Coffee Brewer

Coffee App and MarketplaceCoffee App and Marketplace

Whole Bean Coffee

Spinn uses only whole bean coffee to make a multitude of delicious coffee drinks. By using only coffee beans to make your daily coffee there are no pods or filters to throw away, only coffee grinds that can be composted in your garden.

Adjustable Conical Burr Grinder

An adjustable conical burr grinder creates the perfect coffee particles to properly extract different brew methods moments before it is brewed.

Centrifugal Brewing Technology

The freshly ground coffee is transferred to Spinn’s centrifugal brewing chamber and water is added while the coffee is spinning at up to 5000 RPM. For more concentrated drinks like espresso, the coffee spins faster while larger drinks like coffee spin at slower speeds.

Connected App and Marketplace

All of these features are controlled by a connected app that allow you to brew remotely and also customize your recipes. The app also features a Roaster Marketplace where you can find and order your next favorite coffee. Spinn will alert you when you are running low on coffee so you’re never without your morning cup.

Brew Versatility – Make any coffee drink on Spinn

Bold and creamy espressoBold and creamy espresso

Filter coffee Filter coffee

Cold Brew in 60 secondsCold Brew in 60 seconds

Coffee Specials and MoreCoffee Specials and More


Spinn makes rich and chocolatey espresso with a delicious layer of crema. By spinning the coffee at 4500 RPM, the espresso becomes the essence of the bean.


The Spinn cup of coffee is fully extracted and delicious. Light enough to taste all the clarity of the most delicate roasts, while also being able to extract the more bold flavors of a dark roast for a bold start to your day.

Cold Brew

One of the most unique features of the the Spinn is the ability to brew an on demand cup of frothy Cold Brew in 60 seconds. By using the centrifugal brewing method, the cold brew comes out with a creamy texture that is reminiscent of a Nitro Cold Brew. A perfect afternoon treat on a hot summer day.

Coffee Specials and More

Spinn also features step by step instructions to make a variety of Special Coffee Drinks – from cappuccino and latte to espresso martini, you will impress your friends by sharing a variety of drinks while Spinn walks you through step by step.

BARISTA QUALITY AT HOME: Spinn Pro’s WiFi-enabled smart coffee machine has super powers and is water supply line compatible – no need to refill. The brilliantly connected coffee maker capable of making bold filter coffee, rich espresso and frothy cold brew
AWAKE THE FUTURE: A revolutionary programmable coffee maker with unique centrifugal brewing to unlock intricate coffee flavor profiles and combined with a precision burr grinder that grinds whole coffee beans to a precise consistency seconds before brewing
CONTROL WITH YOUR PHONE: The Spinn App lets you instantly brew your coffee from the comfort of your desk or bed, with zero downtime while your cup starts brewing. You can also scan a bag of coffee beans to program its parameters into the coffee maker
CUSTOM BREWING: The automatic one-of-a-kind G-force centrifuge blends water and coffee at various speeds to extract different flavor profiles for the best personal coffee drink or brew. A simply revolutionary cold brew maker and coffee machine
ZERO WASTE COFFEE: Spinn’s automatic coffee maker with grinder uses whole coffee beans instead of disposable filters or pods, meaning no wasted plastic filling up landfills. The used coffee grounds, rich in nitrogen, can be added to your garden

Warranty & Support

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